Zirconia Implants

Modern dental implants have revolutionized the field of restorations ever since they were introduced in the l970s. The development of this procedure was a quantum leap in dental technique freeing millions of patients from the inconvenience of dentures and the embarrassment of an imperfect smile. More importantly, dental implants restore the ability to eat a well balanced diet which may have been impossible without this type of permanent restoration.

In the decades following the original generation of dental implants, many design improvements were made to size and shape but not much research went into developing alternative implant materials until the early 1990s. Today, zirconia implants allow holistic oral surgeons to provide dental restoration to their health conscious patients.

What is zirconia?

Zirconia is a material derived from zirconium which is a metal and from which cubic zirconia is derived. Cubic zirconia is much in demand as diamond substitute providing both the hardness and brilliance of the real thing. By fusing zirconium with other elements, a white opaque and very hard ceramic material is produced which has been used in medical applications for many decades. The demand for holistic dentistry and biocompatible materials has resulted in the development of zirconia implants and other metal-free dental restoration devices such as crowns.

How strong are zirconia implants?

Zirconia has been used for decades in hip replacement surgery. The load bearing and biocompatible qualities of this material have proven to be exceptionally strong with superior bone integration properties. Zirconia has been nicknamed ‘ceramic steel’ due to its superior strength and mechanical properties. Zirconia implants are not only strong; they do not react with saliva and other chemicals in the mouth. There is no corrosion with ceramic materials making them ideal for holistic oral surgery procedures.

Advantages of zirconia implants over titanium implants

The first advantage of zirconia is that it is a ceramic material which is biologically inert and does not conduct electricity. Being ceramic it does not corrode and patients find they can eat and drink without worry of heat or cold transfer pain. Cosmetically, zirconia implants are white in color and will not be visible should there be any gum shrinkage in future. Titanium implants carry a risk of showing a thin line of grey where the implant abutment meets the tooth.


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Patients with allergies or autoimmune diseases can be confident that zirconia will not trigger adverse reactions or further deteriorate any health issues. This material interacts with bone and gum tissue in a more natural way than titanium. It is thought that metal implants and other dental materials can aggravate and even trigger some autoimmune disorders.

Hygienically speaking, choosing zirconia implants over titanium implants gives patients the advantage of having less buildup of plaque and tartar. This is due to the non-conductivity of a ceramic as opposed to a metal. Bacterial growth does not adhere to zirconia and therefore promotes a healthier environment for gums.

Why choose a holistic oral surgeon?

Oral health has a big impact on general health. Tooth decay and gum disease are now known to be connected with heart disease and other systemic health issues. What happens in the mouth impacts the whole body and a holistic oral surgeon will choose only biocompatible materials for use in restorations. A holistic dentist will perform special tests that isolate any sensitivity to metal or other materials before proceeding with treatment.

Dr. Mizrahi focuses her practice on providing outstanding oral surgery for all of her patients. As a holistic surgeon, she treats children and adults with the view that the entire body will be impacted by the health of the mouth. Implants are among the most invasive of dental procedures. Dr. Mizrahi’s goal is to resolve all dental issues holistically and feels that zirconia implants are a viable option for patients.

How to decide if zirconia implants are right for you

The most important decision that any Los Angeles dental implants patient makes is who will perform their implant procedure. Zirconia implants have many advantages over titanium for holistically oriented patients. One important distinction to understand is that placing zirconia implants requires an exceptional oral surgeon.

Unlike titanium implants, these ceramic implants are produced in one piece and must be placed in the exact right position with no room for error. Dr. Mizrahi has placed thousands of implants, both titanium and zirconia. She is meticulous in her work and in some cases may recommend that zirconia implants are not the right for certain patients.

Some patients may require a bone graft before implants can be successfully placed. Others may require a sinus lift. Her holistic approach takes into consideration many factors before she recommends a program that will restore a healthy functioning mouth that improves overall health.

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