Impacted Tooth Recovery

During the procedure, Dr. Mizrahi will expertly remove tissue and bone to expose the impacted tooth underneath. In the days and weeks following exposure, post-operative care is extremely important to prevent infection and promote healing.

What To Expect During Recovery

Immediately following the exposure of an impacted tooth, the appearance of some blood is to be expected. Patients are advised to place gauze in the mouth to control the bleeding until it subsides. Swelling is also a common occurrence during the first three days following surgery, however, it can be minimized by the continuous application of ice to the affected area. Committed to your post-operative comfort and safety, Dr. Mizrahi will prescribe medication to alleviate any pain, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection.

Patients should only eat cool, soft foods and liquids for the first 24 hours, as well as avoid strenuous activity for several days. Dr. Mizrahi will also recommend warm salt water rinses six times a day, especially after meals, until healing is complete.

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