Facial Trauma

In addition to altering one's appearance, injuries to the face and teeth can also lead to substantial dental and physical health complications. As a celebrated leader in her field, Dr. Mizrahi is skilled at comprehensively repairing facial trauma—preserving both the patient's cosmetic appearance and long-term health.

With years of experience and countless successful procedures, Dr. Mizrahi is widely recognized for delivering among the best facial trauma treatment Beverly Hills has to offer.

Types of Facial Trauma

There are three classifications of facial trauma: soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures. Guided by her years of experience and extensive technical training, Dr. Mizrahi is fully qualified to treat and repair the full spectrum of facial trauma injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries of the Skin and Gums

When treating soft tissue injuries, such as lacerations on the face and gums, Dr. Mizrahi uses very fine sutures to expertly minimize scarring and ensure an optimal cosmetic result.

In addition to addressing the aesthetic nature of facial trauma, Dr. Mizrahi is equally committed to treating injuries of the underlying structures. During the procedure, Dr. Mizrahi takes exceptional care to diagnose and treat any damage to the delicate facial nerve, salivary glands and salivary ducts, to ensure facial function is preserved.

Bone Injuries

With her extensive training and comprehensive knowledge in facial anatomy and jaw function, Dr. Mizrahi is fully qualified to repair among the most complex facial fractures and bone injuries with corrective jaw surgery.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, Dr. Mizrahi will expertly reposition the affected bones and hold them together firmly with wiring or the insertion of small plates and screws to facilitate healing.

Injuries to the Teeth

Among the most respected oral surgeons Beverly Hills has to offer, Dr. Mizrahi is fully qualified to reimplant teeth that have been displaced or knocked out.

During the procedure, Dr. Mizrahi will reinsert and stabilize the displaced tooth using wiring, or by bonding the teeth together. If the tooth cannot be repaired or saved, Dr. Mizrahi will perform advanced dental implant surgery to prepare the mouth for a prosthesis.

Car accident facial trauma surgeon

One of the most common areas of injury during a vehicle accident is on the face. Repairing these injuries usually begins in an emergency room where the medical staff treats life threatening injuries first, leaving the long term rehabilitation to surgeons such as Dr. Mizrahi.

Although air bags and interior engineering have greatly reduced fatalities and injuries, there are still many areas of impact during a collision. Some common facial injuries are:

  • Broken upper or lower jaw
  • Missing teeth
  • Fractured nasal bone
  • Eye socket fracture
  • Cheekbone fracture
  • Sinus damage

These injuries can cause permanent function impairment as well as cosmetic disfigurement if not treated by a medical professional specifically trained in facial trauma. Treatment can span years, particularly in the case of fractures of the jaw and face and can interfere with the victim’s ability to work.

Treatment for facial trauma can span years

People injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident are often unaware of their long term prognosis until they have been examined by a maxillofacial surgeon. Without a proper evaluation, settlement offers may fall far short of what is required to restore function as well as appearance for facial trauma victims.

Dr. Mizrahi is happy to provide a thorough evaluation on the treatment plan to attorneys handling a car accident injury claim. This evaluation includes the time frame for restoring full function and appearance so that all connected costs can be included in the claim. In this way full facial rehabilitation can be accomplished without creating financial stress.

Restoring confidence through meticulous treatment

Facial trauma can not only affect everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and working, it can have a very detrimental effect on self confidence. Dr. Mizrahi is acutely aware of this aspect of treatment and strives to restore appearance as well as proper function of the nose, teeth and facial structures.

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