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If you have missing bottom teeth, it is embarrassing and troublesome. In the past, dentures were the only option to restore function (and appearance). Dental implants then gained prominence as a better way to restore lost teeth – but a full set of bottom teeth can be misaligned, creating problems for the patient. Dental technology is advancing bringing better treatments to the forefront. One of the most exciting innovations in implant technology, Trefoil implants, is a revolutionary new system that restores a full arch of missing bottom teeth in a single day with a breakthrough system.

Trefoil Implants: A Revolution in Implant Technology

Dr. Mizrahi is one of only a few selected dental practitioners trained to place trefoil implants in the USA, and offers this incredible innovation to patients who are struggling with the loss of the full set of bottom teeth. The Trefoil system of implants is a revolutionary procedure for patients who are living with the problems associated with dentures or have concerns about misaligned implants. The precision fit feature in Trefoil implants, and the ability to have functioning teeth after one appointment makes the system far superior to earlier versions, and can be more affordable due to reduced treatment time.


The ideal candidate for our Trefoil dental implants in Beverly Hills has experienced extensive tooth loss and wants to achieve a natural-looking smile with teeth that function like natural teeth. To be a candidate for the procedure, you should be good general health, and your mouth should be free of infection or disease.

A certain level of jawbone height and width is required for the Trefoil implant to be inserted properly. Dr. Mizrahi can help you determine if you meet the minimum requirements (13mm of bone height and 6-7mm of width). Children are not candidates for the procedure. Trefoil implants are an appropriate procedure for older teens or adults whose jawbones have completed growth.


The Trefoil system allows patients to restore a full set of bottom teeth in a single appointment, rather than systems that involve months of waiting while the implant becomes fixed in the jaw. Patients seeking replacement bottom teeth can have a fast restoration that fits as it should, and functions like natural teeth.


There are many factors that can cause the loss of one or more teeth, including:

  • Gum Disease. Called periodontitis, gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque. Plaque contains bacteria that causes cavities, sensitivity, bleeding, and if left untreated, will eventually lead to gum disease. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings can control levels of plaque.
  • Trauma. Direct impacts near the mouth can cause extensive tooth loss. However, even injuries to another area of the head impact tooth structure, leading to loosened or cracked teeth that require extraction.
  • Illnesses. Some serious illnesses can result in tooth loss, including cancer, osteomyelitis, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. Those who suffer from diabetes are often more susceptible to gum disease, which often leads to tooth loss.
  • Poor Nutrition. Certain substances are bad for our teeth. Sugary or acidic foods are particularly bad for your oral health and promote gum disease. A calcium deficiency can also lead to brittle bones and teeth. Good nutrition can help maintain the health of your teeth and mouth.
  • Grinding Your Teeth. An intense amount of pressure is put on your teeth when your clench your jaw or grind your teeth. The pressure can damage your jaw and lead to tooth loss. Talk to your dentist to control the causes of tooth grinding and reduce the risk of damaging your teeth.


The Trefoil system is produced using a titanium bar and an acrylic prosthesis. The titanium bar is manufactured with adaptive joints that allow for small deviations from the original position of the implant. It is not uncommon for small vertical, horizontal, or angular shifts to happen over time, and the advanced design of the Trefoil system allows for adjustments without pain or complications.

The revolutionary design of the Trefoil system makes it a versatile alternative to other dental implant treatment methods currently available. The speed with which Trefoil implants can be placed, along with the ability to make tiny adjustments in alignment for a perfect bite, makes these implants a superior treatment for replacing lost bottom teeth.


Individual implants are currently the most common type of tooth implants. However, these individual implants are not always successful, and can loosen or fall out. The Trefoil system only involves three screws placed into the jaw structure, reducing this risk.

Other types of implants with some similarities to the Trefoil system do not have the adaptive joint feature. As a result, those systems are rigid, and misalignment can lead to serious problems.


The pre-manufactured titanium bar in the Trefoil system is not only more effective, it reduces total treatment time. First, the titanium bar is placed on the jaw. It is affixed with three specialized dental screws. The surgery requires approximately one to two hours. After the titanium bar is in place, the prosthesis is attached.


Recovery time varies by patient. Dr. Mizrahi will give you detailed aftercare instructions to expedite your healing process. You can resume brushing the same day as your procedure, avoiding the surgical sites. Avoid strenuous activities for a few days while you are in the initial phases of healing. You should adopt a diet of soft foods for seven to ten days. Dr. Mizrahi will be monitoring your progress after the implants are placed.


Once you have recovered from the surgery, you will be able to enjoy a beaming smile full of beautiful teeth. Your balanced, natural smile and fully-functional set of teeth will boost your self-confidence and give you the ability to smile and eat with total confidence.


Dr. Mizrahi founded the Beverly Hills Oral Surgery Center and focuses on quality holistic care for adults and children. She provides a wide array of dental services, from a simple tooth extraction to complex and involved surgeries, as well as the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. She provides world-class dental care, and is known for her warm, compassionate personality. She is highly respected in the Los Angeles area for her top level dental skills and the advanced treatments she offers her patients, including Trefoil implants.

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